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Before I Die I Want To Wall

The popular Before I Die I Want To Wall has finally come to Toronto. It is a chalk board that is located on the wooden scaffolding on the South Side of Dufferin and Queen. The chalk wall starts with Before I Die I Want To….and then a line in which you are to write what you want to do before you depart this world.

Media outlets and artists alike applaud the wall which in some ways can be so touching, learning and inspiring to see what complete strangers dreams and aspirations are.  Furthermore, many believe that if you write something you want to do down you are more likely to do it.

Started in New Orleans by Candy Chang, the artist used an abandoned house as her installation. The project has grown to 46 walls in 17 countries.

The Toronto Star posted some of the responses people have written on their website which include: Feed a baby cow some veal, buy a cute puppy, have a swinger party, go to space, make life count, be a car repair ninja and crush capitalism.

Now I’ll ask you…

Before I Die I Want To?

Before I die, I want to be able to find someone that I can fall in love with over and over again every single day

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